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Murillo Colonizar el DolorTitle: Colonizar el Dolor: la interpelación ideológica del Banco Mundial en América Latina: el caso argentino desde Blumberg a Cromañón
Author: Murillo Susana
Pages: 364
Year: 2008
Publisher: CLACSO (Buenos Aires)
Print ISBN: 978-987118390-6









Susana Murillo, important Argentinean philosopher and sociologist presents his book Colonizing the Suffering where she examines painstakingly how the ideology is built by intervention of international financial-led organisms as World Bank and IMF. The financial hegemony of centre is granted by the loans that caused a great economic dependency. To accelerate the colonization, these organisms draw an ideology, disseminated by the media that points out on the corruption of state, its decline, or even its impossibility to protect the common-interests. Because of the failures of neo-liberalism to promote adjustments in Latin American states, during 90s decade, the disciplinary control have changed to a new discourse.

Now, industrial powers introduce a new need which consists to place citizenry over the sate. That way, elite constitutes disciplinary instrument of control that moulds not only public opinion but also social consciousness. These types of ideologies generate a great sentiment of distrust accompanied with a broad sentiment of abandonment that citizenry faces.

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