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Raventos Democratic Innovation SouthTitle: Democratic Innovation in the South. Participation and Representation in Asia, Africa & Latin America
Edited by: Ciska Raventós
Pages: 237
Year: 2008
Publisher: CLACSO
Series: South-South collection
Print ISBN: 978-987-1183-95-1









“Democratic innovation in the South” is a book edited by Ciska Raventós and participation of many authors, where the promises of democracy, the decline of trust in nation-state as well as the derived economic problems, which citizenry should face, are widely examined. Even if each chapter may be separately read, this text keeps a common thread according to two relevant aspects of politics, the representation of institutions and their commitment in the way of practising the politics. Although it is important to mention the recent process of democratization in Latin America and South has generated a place of inclusion and participation, univocally it seems to be still not enough.

The dichotomies of democracies and the social problems, which she generates, are some of the pending question this book tries to resolve. Some developing countries adopted democracy as primary option of government thinking their material asymmetries will be automatically solved. However, their situation not only has not been improved. Frequently, the implementation of economic policies is done ignoring the demands of citizens; in others, the role of citizens in this process is over-valorised.

Four sections encompasses this compilation, the first refers to the role of civil society in the processes of democratization and its impact on public space. Investigations conduced as Dagnino, Olvera and Panfichi, and Chaguaceda Noriega shows the needs of reconceptualising the importance of participation post dictatorships. The new movement faces serious challenges and problems at time of dialoguing with the former actors that forms the status-quo.  Rather, the second section explores the connection between democracy and social conflict.
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