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Bauza Myth Hero morphology semantic heroic archetypeTitle: The Myth of Hero, morphology and semantic of heroic archetype
Author: Hugo Francisco Bauzá
Pages: 191
Year: 2007
Publisher: Fondo de Cultura Económica (Buenos Aires)
Print ISBN: 978-950-557-245-8









One of more characteristic features of modernity seems to be the passion that citizens feel for their sports. Even though in different manners, many people are today prone to consider these types of games as a mean of social upward worldwide. For part of the third world, families encourage their sons to play soccer or other discipline as a form of alleviating the poverty and improving material conditions wherein they live; in a same manner, in First World countries invest a considerable amount of money in training their athletes with emphasis on a good performance in international competition. Even if classical anthropology has devoted considerable attention in the study of myths in ancient and contemporanean tribes, less attention was given to the influence of mythical archetype in modern sports.

Metaphorically, figure of Hero is imposed over the rest of mortals by divine desires; their names, feats and travesies are reminded in the light of oral tradition passed from generation to generation. Under such a context, we examine The Myth of Hero, a work authored initially by Professor Hugo Francisco Bauzá who studied rigorously universal categories of heroism present in ancient and modern civilizations.

Following the contributions of Lord Raglan and V. Propp, Bauzá dwells on the consecutive variables that characterize the life of heroes; beyond the boundaries of cultures all legends and mythical corpus share similar points of discussion in relation to this topic. To put this in brutally, these types of outstanding people are born from a mother who is a goddess or a virgin. Even though their birth occurred in strange circumstances it is common to denote that one or both parents belong to aristocracy or even nobility. Frequently, in their childhood heroes are kidnapped from the arms of their mothers and adopted by a humble family.

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