Online Journal of Anthropology

call_for_papersAntrocom: Online Journal of Anthropology is an on-line review concerning Anthropology , open both to cultural and to physical anthropology , and to the correlated disciplines. The review was first issued in March 2005 from within the Community of Anthropos and is edited by the Antrocom Association.

Antrocom: OJoA will accept and review submissions in Italian, English and French from any author, in any global locality.

A body of international peers will review all submissions, with potential author revisions as recommended by reviewers, with the intent to achieve published papers that:

  • Relate to the field of physical anthropology and cultural anthropology (in its broader domain as a discipline);
  • Represent new, previously unpublished work;
  • Advance the state of knowledge of the field;
  • Are conformed to a high standard of scholarly presentation.

The deadline for the next number (volume 7, number 2, 2011) is October, 15th, 2011. Articles can be sent to redazione [at]