Online Journal of Anthropology

Antrocom is an on-line review concerning Anthropology , open both to cultural and to physical anthropology , and to the correlated disciplines . The review was first issued in March 2005 from within the Community of Anthropos and is edited by the Antrocom Association.

Its name recalls the association itself, but it emphasizes what these virtual pages are aimed to be: Antrocom is a word composed of anthropology and community, but also of anthropology and communication.

Antrocom is aimed to be an instrument for the interdisciplinary character at the basis of the philosophy of the on-line community of Anthropos and of the Antrocom Association, beyond any presumed difference and suspiciousness which interfere with the holistic aspect, typical of anthropology and necessary to cope with our days’ demands. Antrocom streams the need for directing the resources of the Community towards widespread projects in order to let its members’ aptitudes come out.

The Journal willingly doesn’t make part of the so called “specialized” reviews. The published articles characterized by a scientific exactitude which does not gives way to technicalities , in order to allow an easy popularization.

Antrocom is a journal willing to foster sharing of knowledge, therefore it joins the Copyleft and the Open Access movements, a model self imposing to the attention of scholars as the very opportunity for the circulation of ideas, both in anthropology and, generally speaking, in scientific divulgation.

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