Online Journal of Anthropology

What is Antrocom?
Antrocom is an on-line journal which publishes articles about anthropology, both physical and cultural, and similar disciplines. Antrocom was firt issued in march 2005 within the Community of Anthropos. Access to articles is totally free, while it is necessary to follow the rules of the copyleft license to use their contents . For more information, please visit the section “Getting to know us”.
What does Antrocom mean?
Antrocom is a word composed of “anthropology” and “community”, but also of “anthropology” and “communication”.
Who are the members of the editorial board?
The editorial board is composed of volunteers of the Antrocom Association, publisher of the journal. It is a group of enthusiasts who have decided to share their interest on the web and give way to other people who, similarly, are keen on the study of man and his relationship with his environment. Please visit the section “Editorial board” to know their names.
Why Antrocom?
The Italian web was missing a free access review dealing with both physical and cultural anthropology . Our aim is to get people close again to anthropology, to let them understand its importance and its practical utility, especially nowadays, when the dialogue between different cultures and the interaction between human beings and the environment need new reading keys.
If I send you an e-mail, will you answer me?
Of course we’ll do! We commit to answer to all the incoming e-mails within two working days. Please, don’t send us requests which the forum of the community itself could satisfy, such as requests for help for essays and bibliographies.
Write mainly to get more information about the review and to cooperate with us.
We won’t consider any insulting text and /or on a racist and sexist basis, advertising not concerning the interests of the review, let alone messages violating the Italian laws.
If you haven’t got an answer yet, maybe we never received you e-mail, or we haven’t been able to dispatch all the correspondence. In any case, the best you can do is write again!
Where can I find more information about Antrocom?
Please visit the sections about the journal, but also the site of the Antrocom Association and the Community of Anthropos, or contact the editorial board.
What is the Antrocom Network?
It is a circuit of three web sites deriving from the same association, Antrocom. Antrocom publishes the review with the same name and deals with the Community of Anthropos, which gathers research workers, students and anthropology enthusiasts.
Is the access to articles free?
Of course it is! You have to pay absolutely nothing!
Do I need special prerequisites to read the review?
Absolutely not. If we may call it a prerequisite, you only need to be fond of anthropology!
Is the publication free of charge?
Yes, absolutely. Sometimes, if the editorial staff thinks that it’s needed, we can offer to the Author an editing service. But it’s not mandatory nor a prerequisite to the publication.
Who can I contact for publish on the Journal?
You can contact the Editorial Board (redazione [@] or directly the Editor in Chief (but only if extremely necessary! – marco.menicocci [@]

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