Online Journal of Anthropology

Sending out an article Authors accept the editorial rules of the review and the transfer of exclusive publication rights.
Authors are responsible for the contents of each article published in the review , therefore the Editorial Committee does not assume any responsibility about that.
Any possible copyright ought to a third party for the acquisition of materials for writing the article is exclusively at the Author’s expense.
The Editorial Committee is in charge of checking any article to be published in the review, therefore any essay without exception will undergo this check and the following evaluation of each work before its publication.
As a consequence the Editorial Committee has the right to allow or not the publication of the essays checked out and evaluated following its independent judgement.
Any contents adverse to the common sense of good taste or clearly offensive towards persons or institutions will not be tolerated.
In the case The Committee either needed any explanation about the contents of the article or thought it necessary to modify the article in any part, it would first get in touch with the Author him/herself.
The Authors hold the rights for the signed texts, therefore the contents included in the articles are owned by the Authors and/or the editors and are protected by the laws on copyright.
The reproduction/ print/conservation of single contents are allowed as long as both the source and the author are quoted.
Quotations as chronicle, critics or critical revision are allowed only if completed by:

  • the name of the author;
  • the indication of the headline “Antrocom”;
  • the web address

The reproduction for commercial aims by any digital or analogical means, the translation, the partial and/or total adaptation and the electronic memorization of contents on whatever support is forbidden and exclusive, subject to the publisher’s written consent.
According to Italian law (art.5 L.633/1941), the official acts of the State and of the Public Administrations, both Italian and foreigners, are not covered by copyright; nevertheless the elaboration and the presentation of the texts themselves are protected by copyright. All the texts of legislative and financial measures , published even by link, are not official; therefore we refuse all responsibility for any inaccuracy.

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