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antrocom call for papers 2013Antrocom: Online Journal of Anthropology is an on-line review concerning Anthropology, open both to cultural and to physical anthropology, and to the correlated disciplines. The review was first issued in March 2005 from within the Community of Anthropos and is edited by the Antrocom Association.

Antrocom: OJoA will accept and review submissions in Italian, English and French from any author, in any global locality.

A body of international peers will review all submissions, with potential author revisions as recommended by reviewers, with the intent to achieve published papers that:

  • Relate to the field of physical anthropology and cultural anthropology (in its broader domain as a discipline);
  • Represent new, previously unpublished work;
  • Advance the state of knowledge of the field;
  • Are conformed to a high standard of scholarly presentation.

The deadline for the next number (volume 9, number 1, June 2013) is April, 15th, 2013. Articles can be sent to redazione [at]


4 risposte a Call for papers: Antrocom, Volume 9, Number 1, 2013

  • Do you review books? I could send you a copy of my new book as an ebook if I had an address.

    Niccolo Caldararo, Ph.D.
    Dept. of Anthropology
    San Francisco State University

  • Yes, Dr, Caldararo, we do review of books. You can send it to redazione at We prefer paper-books indeed, so it is possible it will take a lot of time for your review.

  • Dear sir , I have sent an article to redazione [at] titled “Indigenous knowledge on Medicinal Plants among the Iruliga tribal population of Western Ghats areas, Karnataka, India”. To get published in your esteemed on line Journal for the next number (volume 9, number 1, June 2013) within the deadline on 14th April, I expect for publication of the same. Till now I did not receive any reply from you, can you please send me a letter of acceptance or rejection for the same .

  • hi, if the book is of cultural anthropology I would be happy to make the work for you. Post the book to my home or the pdf?.

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