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call_for_papersAntrocom: Online Journal of Anthropology is an on-line review concerning Anthropology , open both to cultural and to physical anthropology , and to the correlated disciplines. The review was first issued in March 2005 from within the Community of Anthropos and is edited by the Antrocom Association.

Antrocom: OJoA will accept and review submissions in Italian, English and French from any author, in any global locality.

A body of international peers will review all submissions, with potential author revisions as recommended by reviewers, with the intent to achieve published papers that:

  • Relate to the field of physical anthropology and cultural anthropology (in its broader domain as a discipline);
  • Represent new, previously unpublished work;
  • Advance the state of knowledge of the field;
  • Are conformed to a high standard of scholarly presentation.

The deadline for the next number (volume 7, number 2, 2011) is October, 15th, 2011. Articles can be sent to redazione [at]

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  • i have a paper tittled: information and society: a study of the emergence of new knowledge and culture. and my question is the journal follow the blind review?
    thank u

  • I have an essay about football globalization in spanish, can be publish or you will be interested.


    Francisco Gerardo Correa

  • I have an essay about philosophy and evolution with special focus on the human evolution. It is written in English. However, I am still an archaeology student although I will have my BA/MA diploma in about two months. Would You be interested to consider my paper?

    Thank You

  • Dear Ana, thanks for your proposal: you can submit your paper for evalutation at: redazione(at) We accept paper in english, of course but we need to advise you: we have a strong (very strong!) prejudice toward the philosophy.

  • I submitted my article on shakti: revealing the realities of Hindu womanhood in rural Bangladesh. I did not get any response if Antrocom received it or not and whether it will get published ot not.I am eagerly looking to publiosh my paper, so am looking for a quick response.

  • If got to know about your journal through researchgate and I am working on paper on bill postings as urban nuisance in Edo in Nigeria. I want to find out if you will be interested in such research. Osakue

  • Dear Ishrat Jahan, we have no article of yours in our mail. So I ask you to re-send the paper at: redazione(at) Thanks

  • Dear Osakue Omoera, you can send us your paper at redazione(at) Please: read our guidelines. Thanks

  • hi sir, i have a paper tittled ” Educational condition of tribal education in karnaka, India” can i send this article?

  • Thank u, I’ll be send my article

  • I have sent you an article “Is Caste System a Kind of Indigenous Knowledge System?” . Can I expect for publication of the same? If so, can I have a letter of acceptance or rejection from you?

  • Can I submit the articles for online Journal of Anthripology in craniofacial and dental anthropology.
    With best regards
    Prof.ass. Gloria Staka DDS. PhD
    Dental School, Faculty of Medecine, University of Prishtina
    Republik of Kosovo

  • Dear Prof. Das Gupta, we have not a paper of yours about “Is Caste System a Kind of Indigenous…”. Can you send us? Thanks.

  • Dear Prof. Staka, please send your article to redazione [at] for the next issue (june 2012). Thank you for your proposal!. Last line is march 2012.

  • Thanks for your kind reply. I will contact you soon. the Physical Anthropology related papers have enhanced me to think about such research and not only restricting myself within social/cultural topics. The online journal is really enthusiastic. So kind of you.

  • Dear sir / madam

    I have sent to you an article in physical anthropology. Can I expect the publication in june 2012, or it will be on next issue. Can you be so kind to inform me, it is very important.

    Best regards
    Prof.dr. Gloria Staka
    Faculty of Medicine, Dental School, University of Prishtina

  • @ Dr. Staka.
    We wrote you in 17/4. Our issue of june is closed and we will consider your paper for the next issue of december.

  • It is very appreciating about Antrocom which exclusively deal with anthropology as the WHOLE. I feel motivated to contribute in” Medical Anthropology: Brain and Mind problem and their Solutions”. It is very important area where very few Indian anthropologists are working. It uncovers mind and brain issues- how their illness are thought and how their solution are planned-it combined the psychiatry, neurology and neurosurgery, psychology, Physiotherapy/occupational therapy, and allied diagnostic sciences being used in treating such problem.

    I am extremely thankful to Editor who published “Dementia and Epilepsy: Family and kinship care analysis” in their current issues. Soon I will contribute on the core issues in the Neuropsychiatric Anthropology.

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